Top Tips You Should Look Into Before Getting A Tattoo

So you’ve deliberated for a long time and have finally chosen to get a tattoo such as get peaky blinders tattoo. However, the trip does not finish there. On the contrary, when you decide to get a tattoo, that’s when it all starts. Getting a tattoo may be an exciting, although nerve-wracking, experience, so once you’ve decided on a design and location, make sure your body is ready for the procedure as well. These eight skincare suggestions can help you have a more comfortable inking experience, both before and after the operation.

Here Are Some Tips to Look Into Before Getting a Tattoo

1. Restriction of Specific Substances

Make sure you don’t consume any alcohol or caffeine for 48 hours before getting a tattoo. Because these medications are known to thin the blood, they may enhance bleeding during the procedure and make it far more bloody than necessary.

2. Fill the Tank

Stay hydrated for a week before being tattooed by consuming at least 2 liters of water every day. Before you drop this as just an extra skincare suggestion, keep in mind that a body that is hydrated guarantees that the skin is supple and resilient enough to withstand the pressure of the needle, especially if you have a lengthy session. Eat a big lunch and drink lots of water before the jitters kick in on D-day. Dizziness and low blood sugar levels might result from a lack of eating, exacerbating the discomfort. When combined with anxiousness, it might detract from an otherwise excellent event. 

3. Aspirin Is Not Permitted

Avoid taking any medications, such as aspirin, for at least 24 to 48 hours before getting tattooed. These medications, however, tend to thin the blood and make bleeding easier, so it’s better to avoid them before your tattoo session unless essential.

4. Feel at Ease

When getting tattooed, make sure your clothing is loose and breathable and that your tattoo location is easily accessible. Sleeveless shirts or shorts will suffice if it’s on your hands or legs. Make sure your t-shirt can be readily pinned up in tricky spots like your back or midriff.


These Guidelines Will Assist You In Caring For Your Tattoo Once It’s Done

1. Always Keep It Covered

Tattoos are an indentation on your skin and hence more susceptible to infection. Make sure it’s clean and sanitary. Cover your tattoo with a bandage or cling wrap until you get home from the salon. After a few hours, wash your hands and the affected area with antibacterial soap, water and pat dry.

2. Apply Moisturizer

Follow your tattoo artist’s post-care instructions and apply the recommended lotion, cream, oil, or petroleum jelly over the tattoo precisely as suggested. Its healing process takes a few weeks. Therefore it needs moisture and care throughout that time.

3. Avoid Soaking

While the tattooed area should be cleaned, it should not be soaked in water. When it comes to bathing, a shower is ok, but bathtubs, jacuzzis, and swimming pools are out for a few weeks. When you can go in again will be best determined by your tattoo artist.

4. Put On Appropriate Clothes

After getting a tattoo, avoid wearing anything too tight for a few weeks and cover it with an umbrella if you go outside. If your clothing is rubbing against the region, wrap it with a bandage to reduce friction. Click here for more information on how to care for your tattoo.