Advantages of the Opening Door of Temporary Agencies

When you begin a new job, it is like diving into unknown waters. There may be sharp stones just under the surface, or parasites, or sharks. How do you know what it is like to work there until you have accepted the job? The solution is: temp or employment agencies. As soon as you’ve gone through the interview process and probably a set of tests to find out your skills and abilities, the agency is going to do your job hunt for you, finding a job that’s best suited to your skills. Certain companies may be regular customers, so the agency knows the intricacies of that specific location. You have the option of requesting them to put you in a permanent job, or a temporary job. While you’re waiting for that dream job, why not consider working in a temporary position? Before dismissing the idea of working as a “temp”, consider the benefits: <!–More–>

1. No interviews: The agency has more information about your prospective job than that which might appear in a newspaper advertising, hence, no time-wasting, nerve-wracking interviews on jobs that pay too little or do not fit your skills. You know in advance your skills match the job.

2. More choices : The agency has access to a high number of positions which are never advertised.

3. No cover cut: Working for an agency doesn’t mean that a pay cut for you. The agency will pay a competitive amount for your services, and will notify you ahead of the speed based upon your qualifications. The company they send you to pays a commission to the agency for locating an employee.

4. Free job advice: Following the agency reviews your resume and the results of your evaluations, they will probably advise you of the sort of job that’s best suited to your qualifications, and might suggest jobs you might not have considered. Also, discover more about employment services edmonton, just visit us on Diversified Staffing Services.

5. Free salary information: An agency has a fantastic summary of the work market, and can advise you regarding what you can realistically expect when it comes to salary. It might be more than you think!

6. Pre-selected businesses: Generally speaking, companies that regularly use agencies are businesses with rather large budgets.

7. Never get fired: as opposed to hiring workers and having to fire them when they do not work out, which isn’t a pleasant job for most companies, some companies hire temps for a limited period of time with the concept of trying them out on a temporary basis”test driving” them. If the temp does not fit their needs, the mission ends, maybe after a couple weeks, with no one’s feelings being hurt. If the temp meets their requirements and is well qualified for the job, the business may then hire them on a permanent basis.

8. Recurring employment and call-backs: businesses which use bureaus on a regular basis will usually be aware of a temporary worker who performs nicely. They may specifically request this person every time a need arises: through the holidays; if a regular employee is on sick leave or maternity leave; if their workload gets backed up. This arrangement can be excellent for some scenarios, by way of instance, a stay-at-home mum who desires additional income but isn’t yet planning to return to work full time.

9. Someone on your side: The agency will get comments from the temps on the conditions on the job and will be sure you’re treated appropriately.

10. Short-term tasks: Even if the job does not turn out to be your dream job, it is just for a couple of weeks or months.

11. Free on-the-job training: as you’re waiting for the agency to discover an appropriate permanent position, you will nevertheless be working and keeping up your job skills. Working in many different work environments may mean acquiring new skills and training while being paid to learn.

12. An escape hatch: If the working conditions are really intolerable, you can contact the agency and explain the circumstance. In certain cases the agency will be ready to allow you to leave the work immediately with no adverse consequences.

13. Opening doors into a permanent job: Best of all, being a”temp” gets your foot in the door. You may start out in an entry-level place, but as soon as you’ve proved yourself a hard-working, dependable, and competent worker, companies very often hire temps for additional, more advanced positions.

So the next time you’re facing a job hunt, why don’t you contact an agency and test drive your new job prior to starting? It can open doors you never knew were there.