Dr. Glenda Crawford


Presentation: Participatory Workshop
Title: Using Canadian Folksongs as tools to teach musicianship skills and music literacy.
Abstract: Using Canadian Folksongs as tools to teach musicianship skills and music literacy. The workshop will feature a selection of our Nation’s lesser-known folksongs. Analysis of the musical elements contained in these folksongs provides interesting melodic, rhythmic and structural features. based on their musical elements, ideas on how they can be used in our teaching/learning communities will be shared. Making these elements conscious to the musician will add to their “toolkit” of literacy skills.

Biography: In the course of a 20-year career in all levels of music education Glenda Crawford has proven to be a dynamic and energetic educator dedicated to the highest musical standards through performance, teaching and research. Having extensive practical experience in choral conducting, she has worked with a number of ensembles in North America, producing choirs of outstanding quality and performing in the world’s best concert halls in North America and Europe.

Crawford holds a DMA from University of Cincinnati, a Masters of Music in Music Education, Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Western Ontario.

Crawford has held positions at Brock University, Xavier University, Cincinnati and St. Ambrose University, Iowa. Prior to competing her doctorate at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music in Choral Conducting, she was the founder and artistic director of The Oakville Children’s Choir and Artistic Director of the Milton Choristers.