Dr. Jane Gosine

Jane Gosine.png

Affiliation: Memorial University
Presentation: Interest Session, Panel
TitleCreating inclusive spaces in choral organizations (Panel, Session 3) 
AbstractCreating inclusive spaces in choral organizations: This panel discussion will explore several choral organizations across Canada that are working to create spaces of inclusivity and participation to a wider group of singers. Discussion will focus on the different choral inclusion models that have emerged across Canada. Through this panel dialogue, we hope to foster further discussion on how our work as choral organizations can transform lives and foster musical growth for young people of all abilities (with Brad Ratzlaff; Carol Ratzlaff; Jane Gosine; Leanne Kearsey; Mendelt Hoekstra; Susan Farrell; Charlene Pauls and Kellie Walsh)

Biography: Dr Jane Gosine is a musicology professor at Memorial University where her research focuses on studies of 17th-century French music as well as projects exploring the relationship between singing and wellbeing. She has been invited to serve as a music consultant to ensembles in North America and Europe, and has prepared new editions of Charpentier’s music, as well as articles and chapters on French music. Jane has collaborated on music therapy projects at Easter Seals Newfoundland and Labrador (with Deborah Hawksley and Susan LeMessurier Quinn) and at the East Anglia Children’s Hospice (with Ray Travasso). With Kalen Thomson, she co-founded and directs the Better Breathing Choir – a choir designed for people with breathing difficulties. Along with Kellie Walsh, Deirdre Costello, Deborah Hawksley, Leanne Kearsey, Anita Ayling, Monique McGrath, Jennifer Adams and Sandra Luscombe, she is a member of the team working with Lauda – a neuro-diverse children’s choir which is part of Shallaway.