Dr. Jean Sturm


Affiliation: Musica International
Presentation: Interest Session
Title: Global Choral Repertoire
AbstractFinding repertoire is a constant concern of any conductor or organizer of choral events. With about 200,000 titles comprehensively described, including multimedia features and powerful search capabilities, Musica aims to become the standard global database of choral repertoire (www.musicanet.org, or through www.choralcanada.org with privileged access for the members). Discover how to search in Musica, even with fancy criteria, how to conceive a program according to a given theme, and even how everyone can now manage his/her own choral holdings or library inside Musica database.

Biography: The founder of Musica International, and its Executive Director. For Jean, Musica is the perfect crossover between his career as a research scientist – where he made extensive computing use – his passion for choral music and his qualities as a project leader. Jean fell in love with choral music at a very early age. He took up the baton at 15 and later studied conducting with César Geoffray (choirs) and Jean-François Paillard (orchestral work). In 1969 he set up the Ensemble Vocal Allegro in Strasbourg (allegro.musicanet.org), where he remained at the helm until 2006. For over 40 years he worked as a trainer with A Coeur Joie and the Centre d’Art Polyphonique d’Alsace and took a leading role in international events and seminars. To honour his achievements, in 2014 Jean was awarded the rank of chevalier de l’Ordre français des Arts et des Lettres.