Dr. Jennifer Lang

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Affiliation: University of Saskatchewan
Presentation: Interest Session, Reading Session
TitleCollegiate colloquium: Roundtable discussion/forum for collegiate choral colleagues (Jennifer LangJanet Brenneman (Session 1) 
and Celebrating Canada: A catalogue of choral music (Session 5)

Abstract:  Collegiate colloquium: Roundtable discussion/forum for collegiate choral colleagues (Session 1, with Janet Brenneman): This roundtable session is designed to gather together conductors and colleagues with an association or interest in university and collegiate level choral programs. An aim of this session is to create stronger relationships and community, and to draw upon these colleagues as rich resources for programming, pedagogy, and collaboration. Focused themes for discussion will include: Programming challenges; Strategies for recruitment and retention; pedagogical philosophies; assessment and evaluation guidelines; syllabus and curriculum; repertoire selection; mentorship. The intended outcome of the session is to generate a collection of resources, strategies, and inspired ideas, while reaffirming our relationships with colleagues.

Celebrating Canada: A catalogue of choral music (Session 5): This session presents a catalogue of songs performed in honour of Canada’s sesquicentennial that highlights the names of titles and Canadian composers that have been at the forefront of the celebration. In addition to presenting the catalogue of songs, members of the Choral Canada Advocacy Committee will lead a reading session that presents a variety of music captured in this collection for all musical stages and levels. It is our hope that making this information available to you might be of assistance with your future programming of Canadian repertoire.

Biography: Dr. Jennifer Lang is an Assistant Professor of Music Education and the Director of Choral Activities at the University of Saskatchewan, where she currently conducts the Greystone Singers. While completing her graduate studies at the University of Western Ontario, Jennifer was awarded a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship and was an instructor at the Don Wright Faculty of Music and Faculty of Education and the Teaching Support Centre. Currently Jennifer serves as the president on the board of the Saskatchewan Choral Federation, is a member of the Choral Canada Advocacy and Editorial committees, and she occupies the role of board chair for Musical Futures Canada. Jennifer’s previous work also includes conducting the University of Saskatchewan’s University Chorus, UWO Choir, and she was a member of the conducting team within the Amabile Boys & Men’s Choirs of London organization. Prior to completing her doctorate, Jennifer served as a program leader of secondary school music in the District School Board of Niagara. Jennifer is also active as a conductor, choral adjudicator, clinician and conference presenter with local, provincial, national, and international invitations.