Judith Marcuse: Plenary 3, July 3, 2018 - Sheraton Hotel 9-9:45 AM 

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Performance: From the Personal to the Global

This talk will explore our personal experiences as performers and link that experience to broader social contexts.

What happens when we collectively sing, dance, create images, tell our stories? Our experiences at Podium provide a base to investigate the transformative power of the arts. When people get together to explore what matters to them, whether to celebrate our communities, address complex issues or simply to explore what it’s like to be a teenager, artmaking provides a potent and often transformative lens through which we can develop new insights, dialogue and action for positive change.   

 Judith Marcuse will provide an overview of the field and share stories from Canada and around the world to illustrate the many facets of art for social change practices, whether with seniors, young people, refugee populations, in health, cross cultural and cross-generational contexts, in conflict and post conflict settings, in prisons, hospitals and community centres.  What is the impact of these arts-infused processes? How can the power of artmaking… creative, right-brain approaches to solving often-complicated problems… become more central in change agendas?

 Finally, this presentation will be enriched with your questions and comments…an opportunity for dialogue!  


Founder and Co-Director, ICASC
Founder and Artistic Producer, Judith Marcuse Projects
Project Director (PI) ASC! Project
Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University
Senior Fellow, Ashoka International

Judith Marcuse’s career spans over 40 years of professional work as a dancer, choreographer, director, producer, teacher, writer, consultant and lecturer in Canada and abroad. She has created over 100 original works for live performance by dance, theatre and opera companies as well as for film and television and has produced seven large-scale, international arts festivals. Her repertory contemporary dance company toured extensively in Canada and abroad for 15 years, while also producing community residencies and youth programs. Her youth-focused, issue-based ICE, FIRE and EARTH projects, each five years long, involved thousands of youth in workshops, national touring, television production and community collaborations. Founder and Co-Director of the International Centre of Art for Social Change, she is a Senior Fellow of Ashoka International. Among many honours, she has received the Lee and Chalmers Canadian choreographic awards and an honorary doctorate from Simon Fraser University.  She presently leads a five-year research study on art for social change in Canada and, in September 2016, launched a new, two-year Masters (MEd) program in arts for social change at Simon Fraser University.


Fondatrice et codirectrice de l’International Centre of the Art for Social Change (ICASC)
Fondatrice et productrice artistique, Judith Marcuse Projects
Directrice de projet, (PI) Projet ASC! Professeure adjointe, Université Simon Fraser
Entrepreneure partenaire (Senior Fellow), Ashoka International

La carrière professionnelle de Judith Marcuse s’étend sur plus de 40 ans de travail en tant que danseuse, chorégraphe, réalisatrice, productrice, enseignante, écrivaine, consultante et conférencière au Canada et à l’étranger. Elle a créé plus de 100 œuvres originales pour les performances scéniques de troupes de danse, de théâtre et d’opéra, ainsi que pour le cinéma et la télévision. Elle a aussi produit sept festivals artistiques internationaux de grande envergure. Sa troupe de danse contemporaine de répertoire a fait de nombreuses tournées au Canada et à l’étranger pendant 15 ans, tout en organisant des résidences communautaires et des programmes pour les jeunes. Ses projets thématiques pour les jeunes ICE, FIRE et EARTH, qui se sont chacun étalés sur cinq ans, ont attiré des milliers de jeunes dans des ateliers, des tournées nationales, des productions télévisuelles et des collaborations communautaires. Fondatrice et codirectrice de l’International Centre of Art for Social Change, elle compte aussi parmi les entrepreneurs partenaires (Senior Fellow) d’Ashoka International. Elle a reçu, entre autres, les prix canadiens de chorégraphie Lee et Chalmers, ainsi qu’un doctorat honorifique de l’Université Simon Fraser. Elle dirige présentement une étude de recherche de cinq ans sur l’art pour le changement social au Canada et, en septembre 2016, elle a lancé un nouveau programme de maîtrise de deux ans en arts pour le changement social à l’Université Simon Fraser.