Dr. Judith Marcuse

judith marcuse.jpg

Affiliation: Simon Fraser University
Presentation: Interest Session, Participatory Workshop
TitleA Hands-On Experience of Art for Social Change; No Experience Required! Wear Comfortable Clothing
Abstract: TBA

Biography: Judith Marcuse’s career spans over 40 years of professional work as a dancer, choreographer, director, producer, teacher, writer, consultant and lecturer in Canada and abroad. She has created over 100 original works for live performance by dance, theatre and opera companies as well as for film and television and has produced seven large-scale, international arts festivals. Her repertory contemporary dance company toured extensively in Canada and abroad for 15 years, while also producing community residencies and youth programs. Her youth-focused, issue-based ICE, FIRE and EARTH projects, each five years long, involved thousands of youth in workshops, national touring, television production and community collaborations. Founder and Co-Director of the International Centre of Art for Social Change, she is a Senior Fellow of Ashoka International. Among many honours, she has received the Lee and Chalmers Canadian choreographic awards and an honorary doctorate from Simon Fraser University.  She presently leads a five-year research study on art for social change in Canada and, in September 2016, launched a new, two-year Masters (MEd) program in arts for social change at Simon Fraser University.