Leanne Kearsey

Leanne Kearsey.png

Affiliation: Shallaway Youth Choir/Eastern Health
Presentation: Interest Session, Panel
TitleCreating inclusive spaces in choral organizations (Panel, Session 3) 
AbstractCreating inclusive spaces in choral organizations: This panel discussion will explore several choral organizations across Canada that are working to create spaces of inclusivity and participation to a wider group of singers. Discussion will focus on the different choral inclusion models that have emerged across Canada. Through this panel dialogue, we hope to foster further discussion on how our work as choral organizations can transform lives and foster musical growth for young people of all abilities (with Brad Ratzlaff; Carol Ratzlaff; Jane Gosine; Leanne Kearsey; Mendelt Hoekstra; Susan Farrell; Charlene Pauls and Kellie Walsh)

Biography: Leanne Kearsey is a graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland (Bachelor of Music - Flute, 2001) and Wilfrid Laurier University (Masters of Music Therapy, 2005). In addition to her work with Eastern Health, the largest health authority in Newfoundland and Labrador, as a music therapist in the community health setting, Leanne is lead facilitator of Growing the Voices’ “So You Always Wanted to Sing” adult singing program and a member of Shallaway Youth Choir’s development and artistic team for the newly formed neuro-diverse children’s choir, Lauda – the first of its kind in the province. A proud member of Lady Cove Women’s Choir, Leanne is also a valued contributor to the St. John’s choral community.