Mendelt Hoekstra

Mendelt Hoekstra.jpg

Affiliation: Momentum Choir
Presentation: Interest Session, Panel
TitleCreating inclusive spaces in choral organizations (Panel, Session 3) 
AbstractCreating inclusive spaces in choral organizations: This panel discussion will explore several choral organizations across Canada that are working to create spaces of inclusivity and participation to a wider group of singers. Discussion will focus on the different choral inclusion models that have emerged across Canada. Through this panel dialogue, we hope to foster further discussion on how our work as choral organizations can transform lives and foster musical growth for young people of all abilities (with Brad Ratzlaff; Carol Ratzlaff; Jane Gosine; Leanne Kearsey; Mendelt Hoekstra; Susan Farrell; Charlene Pauls and Kellie Walsh)

Biography: Mendelt D. Hoekstra is the originator and Artistic Director of Momentum Choir, a highly disciplined, professionally facilitated performance choir, comprised of more than 60 musicians who live with a disability. A Music Therapist in the Niagara Region, Mendelt has received multiple awards, most recently, the prestigious 2016 YMCA Peace Medallion. .