Michaela Miles


Affiliation: John Colet School and Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Presentation: Research Paper Presentation
Title: Performance anxiety? But you're singing with a group
Abstract: A supportive, well-equipped choir director can be instrumental in helping members of a choir overcome Music Performance Anxiety (MPA). How do we address MPA? This paper, from a study of school choir participants, presents recommendations for choir directors with an aim to reducing the effect of performance anxiety and increasing students’ overall performance readiness.

Biography: Currently the Director of Choirs and Music at John Colet School in Sydney, Australia, a school in which every student attends group singing lessons and sings as part of a choir. I have been a Music teacher in both primary and seconday schools in Sydney for 22 years and, in recent years, a postgraduate research student at Sydney Conservatorium. Prior to commencing PhD studies in Music Performance Anxiety (Performance anxiety? But you’re singing with a group), I completed a Master of Music at Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a thesis titled Consonant agendas: priorities of directors and student members of vocal ensembles in Sydney Anglican School. Several different aspects of the findings from this research were presented at ASME 2013, RIME 2015 and ISME 2016. In addition to school teaching, university casual teaching has included Fundamentals of Teaching at Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Creative Arts at Western Sydney University.