Rob McLennan

Affiliation: Stella's Circle
Presentation: Interest Session
Title: Be the Change: Choral Singing and Social Inclusion (with Helen Murphy, director of the Stella Burry Inclusion Choir)
Abstract: The Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir is made up of participants who face many barriers from fully participating in their community. In 2017, the Choir received Canda150 funding to work with Juno Award winner Amelia Curran to write a song together celebrating community. The process was filmed by Roger Maunder and will be screened as part of a panel discussion in the session.

Biography: Rob is a community based social worker and long-time organizer of music events at Stella’s Circle in addition to his other duties as Director of Employment Services. Rob has always recognized the potential music has for bringing people together and to facilitate various forms of social action-inclusion, awareness and change. As a means of communication, and engagement-Stella’s Circle has continued to see instances of this through practice, performance from singers and audiences. If there is a consistent narrative present in Rob's community singing experience at Stella’s Circle, it is one of social justice, a vision of an inclusive community where all are welcome to participate.