Dr. Sarah Morrison


Affiliation: The Oakville Children's Choir/Appleby College/Queen's University
Presentation: Interest Session, Participatory Workshop
TitleCreating inclusive spaces in choral organizations (Panel, Session 3) and Creating a Sisterhood: Working with Adolescent Female Voices in Choral Settings (with Charlene Pauls, Session 5)
AbstractCreating inclusive spaces in choral organizations: This panel discussion will explore several choral organizations across Canada that are working to create spaces of inclusivity and participation to a wider group of singers. Discussion will focus on the different choral inclusion models that have emerged across Canada. Through this panel dialogue, we hope to foster further discussion on how our work as choral organizations can transform lives and foster musical growth for young people of all abilities (with Brad Ratzlaff; Carol Ratzlaff; Jane Gosine; Leanne Kearsey; Mendelt Hoekstra; Susan Farrell; Charlene Pauls and Kellie Walsh)

Creating a Sisterhood: Through the Oakville Children’s Choir female choirs, we work to create a collaborative sisterhood and use the power of singing as a vehicle for positive self-expression. In this interest session, we will address vocal technique aspects specific to female adolescent singers such as voice classification and phases of vocal maturation as well as pedagogical strategies that serve to support these singers (with Charlene Pauls).

Biography: Dr. Sarah Morrison is the Director of Learning and Teaching Innovation at Appleby College, an adjunct assistant professor at Queen’s University, and the Artistic Director of the Oakville Children’s Choir. Her choirs have been recorded by CBC radio and have won awards at the international level including a Gold Medal at the 8th World Choir Games. Dr. Morrison is known for her energy and creativity in working with young voices. She is the 2010 winner of the Leslie Bell Award for Choral Conducting awarded by the Ontario Arts Council. Dr. Morrison writes the Youth Choir column for Choral Canada’s Anacrusis and served the board of Choirs Ontario as the Vice-President. Dr. Morrison sang soprano with the Canadian Chamber Choir for the past decade and is a frequent conference presenter and guest conductor. Her research interests focus on technology-enhanced learning environments, self-regulated learning, arts curriculum development, collaborative choral models, and creativity.