Tony Dunn

Affiliation: Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB)
Presentation: Interest Session, Participatory Workshop
Title: Improvisation - Enhancing The Choral Experience
Abstract: Improvisation should be part of every chorister’s experience. It promotes singer engagement, listening, confidence, and most importantly, fun. This session will demonstrate how to easily incorporate improvisation into a regular rehearsal by focussing on improvised warmups and the presenter’s choral series My Favourite Blues - a series that introduces basic improvisation tools.

Biography: Tony Dunn is a graduate of the University of Ottawa with a Masters Degree in Jazz Theory and a Bachelor of Education. He currently teaches music at St. Mark High School and is in his 19th year working with the Ottawa Catholic School Board Choirs; as accompanist for the Children’s and Chamber choirs and as director of the Boys’ Choir since its inception in 2005. Tony is an active composer with published choral compositions and arrangements with Lighthouse Music. His most recent composition, Mantras de la terre, won the Grand Prize in the Choeur Classique de l’Outaouais’ choral composition competition. Tony also performs in the Ottawa area with local blues, rock, folk, and jazz artists on both piano and saxophone. For more information on his compositions and arrangements visit