Tyson Kerr


Affiliation: Kokopelli Choirs
Presentation: Interest Session, Roundtable Discussion
Title: Creating Safer Spaces for Our Singers
Abstract: The term ‘safe space’ has been used and abused a lot in our culture, but what does it mean to create and promote a truly ‘safer’ space for our choral singers? Using Kokopelli Choirs’ recent experiences as a case-study, this session will explore the many ways we can use choral music as an inclusive force for community.

Biography: Tyson Kerr is a stylistically diverse pianist, singer, composer, organist, accordionist, and educator. An award-winning graduate of Grant MacEwan University (music diploma, 2004), University of Toronto (B.Mus., 2009), and the Banff School of Creative Music (certificate, 2011), Tyson is also currently completing a Masters Degree in Social Work at the University of Calgary. For the past three years, he has worked with iHuman Youth Society and the Sarah McLachlan School of Music to provide music education and community support for youth experiencing varied challenges, including poverty, addictions, and systemic discrimination. Tyson is the creative director and co-leader of a cappella group 6 Minute Warning and WCMA-nominated jazz quintet The Writers’ Guild. Tyson has been a chorister in the Kokopelli Choirs organization for over a decade, and currently accompanies Òran.