Kathy McNaughton

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Affiliation: Medway High School
Presentation: Interest Session, Research Paper
Title: Take these broken wings and learn to fly: Tracking the learning and retention of singers with dementia in an intergenerational choral program
Abstract:  In this presentation we report on a study of learning in singers with dementia and their high school choral peers who rehearse and perform in a supportive intergenerational choral environment. Using the theoretical foundations of communities of practice and curriculum theory, we show how, through singing in an intergenerational environment, persons with dementia can move beyond temporary positive engagement and emotional presence, to active music learning and retention.

Biography: Kathy McNaughton is department head of music at Medway High School, a school renowned in Canada for excellence in choral music education. She is the conductor of the Intergenerational Choir Project, a collaborative effort between the Alzheimer's Society of London & Middlesex, which brings person with dementia and high school singers together into a choir. Kathy is also a conductor with the Amabile Boys & Men's Choirs, and teaches choral music pedagogy at Western's Faculty of Education.