Various Types of Holistic Treatment for Periodontal Disease

A bacterial infection known as periodontal disease can cause inflammation of the gums and bones, which support and protect the teeth. Noninvasive approaches to treating gums are a part of the holistic approach to treating periodontal disease. In addition to traditional techniques for removing tartar, holistic dentists also employ low-level laser disinfection, microscopic bacterial tests, and non-toxic irrigation.

Holistic dentistry can reduce the number of chemicals potentially harmful to expose our body to, including dental fillings, the chemicals found in mouthwashes sold in stores, and the chemicals found in food. A majority of people are not aware of the negative cumulative consequences these chemicals can have.

Holistic Treatments for Periodontal Disease

If you allow the periodontal disease to progress, it poses a significant risk to all aspects of the health of your teeth. Patients have access to numerous options to restore their healthy gums and holistic treatment options that improve the natural ability of their gums to heal and protect against diseases; learn more here

Ozone Therapy

Dental bacteria develop on your gums and teeth daily is the basis of periodontal disease. Certain bacteria attack the periodontal tissues of your mouth, causing inflammation and infections that eventually kills the tissues.

But hazardous oral bacteria may also exist without oxygen because they are anaerobic or oxygen-dependent. Ozone therapy is the process of injecting oxygen into bad areas of your gums to fight off the gum-destroying bacteria.

The ozone molecules reach directly into the gum tissue affected by infection and aim at infiltrating active pockets of infection. Ozone therapy is frequently used with laser gum treatments to treat the condition and remove the irreparable tissue of gums. Ozone therapy is often used to aid in healing after laser periodontal disease treatment.

Perio Tray Therapy

Your periodontist may also advise Perio tray therapy. It is a regular maintenance procedure that utilizes a safe and solid antibacterial drug, which provides better results against bacteria. 

If your periodontist suggests using a Perio tray, it is possible to use a set of personalized trays to apply the treatment to your gums daily. Emergency dental services in New Jersey can help reduce gum inflammation and slow or stop the disease course by using the standard treatment.

Due to the medications used to treat your gums, treating your gums with a tray requires a prescription. The trays are also designed to fit your mouth; a dentist must fit them. The perfect fit guarantees that the drug works well, reaching the gums only and not escaping and entering the mouth.

Platelet-Rich Therapy

Enhancing your periodontal tissues’ capability to defend themselves against harmful microorganisms is another aspect of a holistic approach to periodontal care. The platelets in your blood, the components that regenerate your blood cells provide your gums the ability to heal. Platelets are employed in platelet-rich plasma and fibrin treatments to aid in the healing process of your gums.

To encourage the renewal of your periodontal tissues while experiencing the adverse effects of periodontal disease, this therapy utilizes platelets that naturally boost healthy tissue formation. Stimulating the formation of healthy tissues can be vital in treating your periodontal ailments, and getting rid of damaged or diseased tissues will help reduce the condition.