Why Are Pre-Employment Background Checks Important?

Finding a job is not easy, especially with the high competition in the job market. To be a successful job applicant, they must catch the employer’s attention by creating a distinct, strong, and attractive resume that stands out among others. For this reason, many consider misrepresenting themselves or lying on their application, such as exaggerating their skills, experience, or education.

As employers or hiring managers, you want to prioritize candidates with high potentials that align with your company’s needs. Aside from a proper hiring process, you should consider conducting a background investigation on your potential hires. Here are the reasons why:

1. Improved Safety

One of the main reasons companies should conduct background checks on their potential hires is to avoid harm or legal liability to the company or others, such as other workers or customers. Many stories have been heard about an employee who committed sexual harassment or violence in the workplace. By the time the issue was brought to the proper authorities, they had reasoned out negligent hiring as a defense.

Some of the possible affected parties in the workplace as a result of failure to conduct background checks include:

  • The company, through financial loss or image and other reputational issues
  • The public by the reckless driving of an employee
  • Customers by sexual or physical assault and shaming on business premises

2. Improve the Quality of Hire

At least 67% of respondents in a survey said that the quality of their hires improved due to background screening. Background checks help in discovering false information on resumes. If applicants lie about their criminal history, certifications, education, and employment eligibility, it could lead to a poor hire, which can result in legal, financial, and regulatory risks for the company.

3. Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a company’s adherence to laws, guidelines, regulations, and other relevant specifications to its business processes. Without a background investigation on successful candidates, the organization could face costly fines, legal damages, and loss of privileges. 

In other words, background checks satisfy industry standards and state or federal requirements, different from state to state and job position.

4. Increase Productivity

In general, past performances are a strong indicator of a job applicant’s future performance. Furthermore, it can also reveal their professionalism, job skills, productivity, and interpersonal communication abilities. 

What’s Included in the Background Investigation?

An employment background investigation is a process of finding criminal records, financial records, and personnel files on an individual before hiring them. With a background check, employers can know about a candidate’s character, past transgressions, fitness for the job, etc. Based on their position, field investigators include to find out the following:

  • Gaps in educational history
  • Gaps in employment history
  • Academic verifications
  • Identity and address verification
  • Character reference check

Background Investigation and the Law

The biggest challenge in conducting an employment background check is federal law. Companies are legally permitted to run a background investigation on job applicants but have to follow the law, such as when or how to conduct the said background investigation. There should also be a proper notification and written disclosure for those inquiries about character references or personal opinions and verifications of public record sources.

When searching for an investigation agency, look for those with experience in employment background investigation. Some investigators only specialize in limited areas of background checks, such as personal matters. Also, choose an agency that professionally handles your calls and meetings. 

Ask for testimonials of former clients since they will be handling some of your most sensitive information. If a business offers a wide range of services, they may have been in the industry for a long time, which means they have honed their skills for many years. Visit this link for professional background investigation services.